Praise the khukuri gods!

Jul 28, 2004
Remember my sirupati with the chipped edge? Well that bit of bad luck has turned in my favor. With all of my inhibitions removed by the Forumites, I took the khuk into my little shop of horrors and worked away.

I ground out the blade and it the process removed the little raised ridge that runs along the edge and seperates the cutting edge from the cheek of the blade. The edge turned convex on the slack belt and now its one seamless blade from the spine to the edge. Almost full-convex, but not quite. I put the satin finish back with a scotch-brite belt, and ran up the grits to sharpen the cutting edge.

In the process of finishing it I revealed a frosty temper line, left the brass inlay unharmed, lightened the blade some, and made it much, much sharper. This is by far and away the sharpest khuk I have ever owned. It easily shaved hair and even some fingerprint off of my thumb. And to top it all off, the sheath still fits. Its one mean little meat eatter.

The khukuri gods really came through for me on this one.
Like Lassie coming home over the hill, huh? And now it's really yours.

Knives are suppose to wear as they are used. Older well used knives become very personalized things; a permanent record of everything we have experienced.

Yes, it really feels like mine now. I was watching Modern Marvels on the history channel a couple of days ago. The episode was about knives. One commentator came up and said something to the effect of "A good strong knife with a good edge is really hard to come by. And so to the people who posses them, they really become treasured items."

That has to be the perfect way to sum up knife collecting/making. HI khuks are certainly treasured items.

Sounds like you truly experienced a noetic moment!
adj : of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind; "intellectual problems"; "the triumph of the rational over the animal side of man" [syn: intellectual, rational]

(so the rest of you guys won't have to look it up also)
I looked it up also- I didn't trust Rusty. First I looked to see if P was anywhere N on the keyboard, it wasn't; so I knew I had a word on my hands and Rusty hadn't slipped.

But my dictionary says it is of perception, purely the intellect. I don't think break- through moments are purely intellectual. (and neither does Rusty)

Institute of Noetic Sciences

( relating to knowing or knowlege ) Per above link, relating to mind, consciousness, spirit. See also gnosis, gnostic ( as in Gnostic Gospels ).

For me, knowlege through a mystic or transcendant moment or experience.

From William James' criteria for truth: congruence, usefulness, luminosity.

In other words, when the light bulb in your mind lights up.
1970 Webster's New World: Noetic: Of or existing or originating in the intellect. 2. given to or involving purely intellectual speculation

I have a 40's era Funk and Wagnel I'd like to compare, but it's upstairs in a sleeping boy's bedroom.

I didn't believe for a moment finding your own khukuri was considered by Rusty to be a purely intellectual endeavor .