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Prayers for Lonni and Al


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Apr 5, 2005
Our friend Karda is going thru a tough time. His wife of 27 yrs is in the hospital with Covid and needs our prayers.
From Cantina forum on Facebook.

Its been such a helluva month i hardly know where to begin.....
I suppose i'll have to start with asking all of my Cantinista friends to help me in healing prayer for my heart of hearts and my reason for breathing.
My dearest Lynnette "Lonni" Lux went in for IV antibiotics and a diagnosis of her foot. Tested negative for covid on intake. Was in hosp all weekend. On monday was supposed to go to rehab and then home but tested positive and was then moved to covid ward.
Am told by hospital that she mustve been exposed 7-10 days earlier. I don't believe so. I think she was infected at hospital because neither i or my son, who live in close proximity in a small house with her, are showing the slightest symptoms. If she were infected then, i should be in there with her right now on my own vent.
Now she lies in the ICU on a ventilator for this last week. Stable and comfortable, but sedated. She seems to be holding her own and is a strong woman......but i'm still sitting here scared and hoping beyond hope that i can hold her and kiss her smiling face again.
She is the kindest and most big hearted person (besides our Auntie) that i have ever known.
Please give her your strongest ongoing thoughts and prayers. It looks like shes in for the long haul.