Pre-Production vrs First Production


Nov 1, 1998
I noticed that on the new models from benchmade, some are numbered and labeled pre-production and others are labeled first production. What's the story on this?. I would assume that pre-production are sort of like the step after prototype and before the full production units. Does that mean the are usually more apt to have flaws?
Does either of them have more collectablity appeal?
I know that Spyderco numbers their first runs also. Does having a serial numbered piece increase it collectability?

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I've noticed Benchmade's pre-production knives to be only available with satin finished, partially serrated blades; and I myself have only *seen* for sale BM's first-production knives with BT2 coated blades and partial serrations.

Since I don't particularly like partially serrated cutting edges, I most always wait for the regular-production run, as then the plain edges with my choice of coated or satin finishes are finally available

I need a bigger bucket.