Predator Machete.??

Feb 19, 2001
Hi, Can anyone help me.? I am looking for the maker of the Machete used by the Indian soldier on the river downed tree,in the movie Predator.It has a dull stainless unique blade as seen in the movie and a handguard,looks high quality and awesome is this a custom blade or a specific manufacturer.? where can I get one.??? E-mail me at Thanks.


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Jun 29, 1999
Hi and welcome to the forums.

There are two versions that I know of:

The original knife was made by Jack Crain, he also made most of the other knives used in the film including the Lifeforce survival knife (hollow handled). These sell for custom knife prices (read alot$)

Frost cutlery (the notorious flea market junk knife makers) also produced a licensed limited edition version back about 4 years ago. The Frost versions originally sold for about $300.00

Many others have made Predator-like machetes; some are works of custom knife art, but most are low end factory junk.

Like everything else you get what you pay for.

Have fun.