Prelim Review: Boye Basic III

Oct 13, 1998
I just bought a Boye Basic III today, at Chesapeake Knife and tool(on sale for $50). Here are first impressions, a real review will follow after I've had time to use it.
The knife itself is very nice and finished looking, blade polished and sharp! The handle is cast in an I-Beam shape and the interiors are blackened. Balences well in the hand, and is good size. The sheath is nylon with a odd brass insert, to hold/protect the blade. The knife sits far down in the sheath, with about 1" of 7" showing. Sheath includes two belt loops(low and high) and two straps parallel to the belt at the top and bottom. Great looking setup, much better than other knives at the price(~$60 at discount places).
ps does anyone out there do inlay into the open handle?
It seems to me that these knives could easily be finished with handles by drilling and securing micarta, G10, etc., or any other material. I wonder if anyone has done this.