Preparing to Sell..................

Apr 19, 1999
These days I turn the computer on every 2nd or 3rd day and check the forum every couple weeks. Will have to do better............

Alot of the heavy lifting is complete now, it seems all the paperwork I did in all areas has to be re-done :( New accountant ....................

There have been e-mails coming in to
the only address I answer these days -( AND YES I still have it with George's name on it. ) asking about handle materials, leather, blanks etc.

All of the above is available, know where the blanks are, the leather & tools and some of the wood, Sambar Stag. Other material I have to search for.
My apologies for being slow in this area. Since the heavy lifting is sort of under control the grief process has begun and like everyone I have good and not so good days. On the not so good days I don't accomplish or feel like doing anything.

Fortunately when the sun shines and I am in the working mode I do accomplish a fair bit.

I will be starting to return e-mails with answers regards the material, will also be putting photos up on the web site of what is available c/w pricing.

No longer able to accept Credit Cards as I closed that out when I moved out of our building. Canadian Orders preferred - not to say I can't ship state side but it will be more complicated.

So, if you have not heard back from me and you are still interested in materials please e-mail again to jog my memory and we'll proceed from there.


On another note: Some of the regulars from our Coffee Nite got together and commissioned a Beautiful pendant for me in George's Memory. It's two sets of angels wings c/w a diamond and George's name engraved on the side. Hand crafted by a couple of fellows in the USA the piece is quite stunning and something that I will cherish forever.

Many Thanks, I Love It !!!!

Oct 13, 2011
I know this is very late in coming, but I can't tell you how sorry I am. The loss of a dear one is always extremely difficult. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.