Jun 25, 2001
Good Evening You All! Today I happened upon a good source for Renaissance Wax and some of the best super glues available, as well as some other products used by museums for restoration and preservation of important things like .........KUKURIS, Do ya think. You can reach them on the web at or by phone at 1 (800) 229-5530. I forgot the name of the company but this is the guy who imports this stuff direct and is the distributor here in the states. He is located in New York so take that into consideration when calling. You have to take care of all those HI Kuk's. Hope this helps.:cool:
That's some great stuff. You're not going to find it much cheaper than that! It works on just about anything you might want to preserve. I put a coat on just about every new blade I get. Also, 200ml will last you years!