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Press Release--Homicide Investigation

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Mar 23, 2000
BladeForums has hosted a fair amount of dialog on this topic, so posting our official press release here is appropriate.

This is the link to discussion relative to providing our customer list to authorities. http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum64/HTML/002332.html

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, Inc.

February 23, 2001

For Immediate Release

Re: Zantop Homicide Investigation

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools is a company that produces a variety of multipurpose tools, folding knives and fixed blades.

Several weeks ago we were contacted by the New Hampshire Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding their on-going investigation of the double-homicide of Half and Susanne Zantop.

We were served with a New Hampshire subpoena as well as a Federal subpoena to turn over our sales records for one of our products. We cooperated with the authorities by answering their questions and supplying them with distribution information.

Many branches of the media have speculated on the product and where it was purchased.

In fact, the product was not directly purchased from SOG Specialty Knives & Tools. Our products are sold through independent dealers. We do not know either the manner such products are distributed or the identity of any purchasers. It is alleged that the product which may have relevance to the Zantop investigation was purchased through an internet sporting goods source which carries our line. However, we are not in a position to verify this.

Two days ago the F.B.I. agent heading this case called us to thank us for our cooperation and stated that it was the first solid break in this case. The F.B.I. went on to say they could not have progressed to this point in the case without our help.

We cannot make any further comment without imperiling the pending investigation.</font>

As I'm sure you can understand, I will not be able to share further on this topic here in the forums.

Ron Andersen
Consumer Services Manager
SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.

Website: www.sogknives.com
Email: ron@sogknives.com
Thanks Ron. It seems that you folks were only doing what you were legally required to do, and the information supplied may have helped solve a tragic crime. Sounds good to me

I am going to lock this thread in order to let the discussion continue in the other thread. Ron, if you would like it re-opened, let me know. Otherwise it can simply stand on its own without comment from others.


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