Prestidigitation, Vol. II

Jul 20, 2000
Ah, yes, well, considering the fantastic success of my last manipulation sub, I thought I'd share another. This one I call ... "Curly."

  • Start in a closed reverse grip, bite handle in. Very much like the start of the Y2K rollover, except you're aiming to roll around your index finger rather than thumb. Hint: Choke up on the knife. With a 42, the last knuckle on your index finger should be very near to or on top of the 2nd-to-last "big" skeleton hole from the pivot, bite handle. Pinching to grip.)
  • Again, very much like the Y2K, swing safe handle down & out, let the momentum carry it up & around your index finger. Thumb & other fingers should be well out of the way. If you were to catch & stop at this point, you'd be holding the knife in a closed forward grip, safe handle in. (I suggest practising just this part for an hour or so, make sure you can get it to work as slowly as possible.)
  • If you were to stop the knife halfway around, you'd see the safe handle on the inside, bite handle outside, and blade sticking up. (Again, a suggestion: actually place the knife on your finger & look at it like this, it will help.) Kinda looks like you've just started a finger twirl, yes? Well, that's where we're going next.
  • Quickness is necessary here - you've got to manoever your middle finger in between the safe handle & blade, without stopping the rotation from your rollover, so you can do a twirl in that same direction. Pinching again, just a little bit, and only for a split second, would be a good idea here as well, to help keep some control. Too hard or too long will stop the rotation, and we don't want that. (Timing is everything here, keep the blade taped until you've got it down!)
  • Once you've completed the twirl in that direction, options for completion open up. One could twirl back in the opposite direction (which would look really darn :cool: ), complete with a basic horizontal ... anything that starts from a safe handle closed forward grip. Granted, your finger is still keeping the knife partially open (or it should be), but pretty well all the safe handle openings are readily accessed from here. I've been using a basic horizontal to finish, mostly because I can't twirl "out" as well/fast as I can "in," and haven't figured out the timing to finish with a horizontal windwill (three more full rotations in the same direction ... Who's getting dizyy?)
  • Now all the segments are assembled, work on it until it's super fast! Speed rules!

The whole idea here is to try & get the handles & blade spaced as evenly as possible, and to keep them turning as long as possible before breaking the flow. The effect ought to be dizzying.

Anyway ... enjoy!