Preventing Pocket Fraying

May 2, 1999
Has anyone discovered a way to prevent folder clips from fraying their pockets. I realize this is kind of a strange thread. But I was thinking - if I could stop the damage to my pants, I wouldn't have to replace them so often and I could buy 1 or 2 more knives a year!
Metal clips are the worse, but even zytel clips cause damage over time.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
To phone_archer: check out [] for the patent pending belt sheaths which get the pocket clip off the knife and put the knife onto your waist. They are super fast with a little practice which is what it took for you to get that way with the first clip knife you bought. You can wear it anywhere on
your waist that you see fit and best of all if you are left handed or want to use it off hand, you can.
My dad and I have carried pocket clip knives for years without fraying a pocket. My advice, get better pants or stop playing with your knife so much.
Seriously, If you are having to draw your knife that much a nylon or kydex belt sheath might be a better answer.
Take the clip off the knife, clamp the screw end to a table, and bend it up slightly. Get it so that there is a tiny space between clip and handle, and you will have a clip that's still pretty secure but draws faster and frays less.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Like Corduroy says but:

You don't need to remove the clip in order to spring it out slightly, at least not in my experience. (I suppose you could strip out the screws, but i've never had this happen--I worry more about stripping the screw holes through repeated removal.) Just pull on it, gently at first, and gradually increase until you've got a small gap. If you overdo it, you can bend it back (again, without removing the clip) by inserting a flat screwdriver blade under the clip and twisting as you hold the end of the clip down with your thumb. place a fold of cloth between the screwdriver and the handle scale to avoid scratches.

David Rock
Thanks for the advice guys.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
I believe the sheaths you referenced are made by fellow forumite Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths. A search of the Spyderco forum should turn up a bunch of member comments as well as some product pics.