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Price Drop: Fletcher TS4 Tangerine

Discussion in 'Fletcher Knives' started by shehatesme, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. shehatesme

    shehatesme Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2008
    Fletcher TS4. Tangerine Burlatex w/Black Liners & Spacers.
    Never worn, carried or used. Now $300
    Blade 3
    OAL 6.5
    Stock 1/8” of 0-1(61rc)
    Tapered Tang
    Beautiful File Work integrated into the Spine
    Black Kydex Sheath

    Terms: PayPal Friends & Family, w/Free Shipping to lower 48 only.

    Thank you for looking!

    F787E842-8B83-47EE-AEAA-2D99A23782D3.jpeg E763B09E-76DE-49C0-B5E8-74102DFF0436.jpeg B245AF11-71D5-4E9B-BC49-45A6EE32A405.jpeg A5C7562A-BF68-48F9-A9CD-CC9202D33AFF.jpeg

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