price tag for commander

Oct 28, 2004
Hey, um, I was wondering what a proper price tag would be on an emerson commander thats been in a store for about two years now? the store owner says that he's had the knife in stock for about two years and is asking $265.00. Is that to much? should I ask for a cheaper price? the owner is relativley lenient.

Also, theres a number under the Emerson symbol on the blade, just wondering what that meant. btw, it says 2000.
May 3, 2001
The 2000 means it was made in 2000. I know the 1998 Commnaders fetch higher value than anything else but have no idea of the value of a 2000.

You could find a 2004 Commander on line for about $ 170 shipped without sales tax of course. $ 265 seems high even for a knife store. I'd guess $ 200 is more like a reasonable knife store price but I'm no expert. :confused:

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
I go along with Malcolm. That store is asking way too much. I would also suggest, besides checking out online outlets like One Stop Knife Shop, that you look at our trade and sales forums, The Knife Exchange . You can buy a nominally second hand knife from a fellow knife knut at a good price, and know that any lemons have already been found out.