PRICED TO SELL: Umnumzaan Tanto User and Professional Soldier Tanto


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Jan 25, 2015
Hey guys, have two great CRK's up for sale. Both are priced aggressively for quick sale. All prices include PayPal GS and shipping in the US.

1. Umnumnaaz Tanto - this one has been used, but is in very good condition. It has been sharpened. Comes with the box, card, lanyard, bead, etc. Price: $SOLD

2. Professional Soldier Tanto - this one is like new, never used to cut anything. Just pulled out of the sheath a few times. Comes with the box, card, paracord, etc. Price: $SOLD

2020-03-21 11.47.41.jpg 2020-03-21 11.47.48.jpg 2020-03-21 11.48.05.jpg 2020-03-21 11.48.09.jpg
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