Pricing Knives

Oct 31, 2004
I'm curious as to how the rest of you determine the price of your knives. I've got a spreadsheet that I made that I can just enter in the materials, and dimentions and it spits out a price (it also calculates the cost of the materials, the profit I make, and various discounts). I've used my formulas on other people's knives and the prices I get are generally pretty consistant with theirs (although I tend to price mine about 10% lower than most other people because I'm still new at this).
So how do the rest of you do this?

- Chris
When I have something for sale I generally let hte customer set the price. In other words....let them tell you what they thinkit is worth. Youc an gauge a customers worth by what they offer. if they are serious they will offer something close to what you are thinking, and maybe more. If they are not worth fooling with they will offer chump change for your work, and you can tell them to go away.

Some people say that if you can't keep any completed knives in inventory you're not charging enough. But how many makers do you know that regularly have knives available for sale? I just compare my own work to that of other makers, compare prices, and set mine where I think it should be. I'm usually a little higher than other sellers in the forums, and lower than local customers expect. Seems like there is a price point about $300 it's hard for me to break past though; I can sell everything I can make priced under that and it takes a while for knives over that. Formula? Naw. I know about how much I spend in materials and abrasives on a typical knife and usually a pretty good idea how long I worked on it. I don't figure in tool depreciation; it's a hobby. I figure I'm doing fine to earn minimum wage after my direct costs; making knives is better than flipping burgers!
what DLArson said. I am a partimer too and if I am moving knives and not loosing money... I am on track. I will charge more when my gut tells me so. I know my knives are worth more than what I charge BUT I want an actual user to get my knives mand that means keeping the majority at the 200 dollar range.....but hell..what do I know ;)

Seriously...some who do charge upward of 300 dollars are either sitting on knives or have put their time in to be able to ask that much. Just my .02 cents......but hell..what do I know :D