Princeton TEC LED Headlamp

Oct 2, 1998
Bought one at BOTACH (Yeah I know, but a great price and delivered as promised...) what a neat lite. Good bright 3 blue/white LEDs and has a useable beam for trailwalking at night or reading. Two AA batteries advertised at 40+ hours and using the included XENON bulb should go 4 hours. I have left the unit on for the past day and was bright when I left to work seven hours ago after being on overnight. I will update when the current batteries die. not bad for $31.00!
I purchased one from Brigade Quartermasters about 3 months ago. They have the all black model. I then retrofited it with the LED lamp assembly. I was in the Philippines when a city-wide blackout occured at around 0200 hrs. The light was quite bright under those conditions.

I had the Xenon version head lamp and then upgraded to the LED bulbs, I love it!

I have the 4 AA battery version, I wonder how long they'll last...
I bought the LED conversion module as soon as it was available and discovered that the battery position (polarity) had to be reversed when changing from the incandescent to the LED bulbs.
Anybody know if they've corrected that yet?