Pro Hunters and N'yati back in production???

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    May 18, 2011
    Is this sub forum still active?
    Just thought I'd mention something here before going to general discussion.
    Maybe a BladeTech mod could chime in if this sub forum is still monitored.

    It seems Blade Tech has been offering its Pro hunter folding knife again.
    I noticed there's a few online stores selling them from time to time.
    (wont mention them as to not go against BladeForums policy)

    "They are now made in Taiwan and offered in CPM154".
    MADE AN ERROR, these new ones are offered in CPMS30V,
    and are labeled "Crucible CPMS30V" on the blade.
    I've been told this is redundant in that "Crucible" IS the the CPM in CPMS30V, as oppose to regular S30V?
    Still not sure.
    I've also made some corrections and omitted some now unnecessary info to the paragraph below.

    BT USE to offer (also long since discontinued) a slightly cheaper "classic" line of the PH that was made in Taiwan as oppose to the US, and that one was offered in 154cm to differentiate itself from the US made S30V version.
    But again, this new one in CPMS30V seems to be advertised as Taiwan made.

    This is NOT the lock back pro hunter lite version.
    It is a liner lock.

    When I first noticed this offering, I checked BT's site and saw nothing mentioned.
    Nothing is STILL mentioned on their site.
    Only five knives come up under the knife pull down tab, like the: Mouse, U.L.U., and the Katana.
    I contacted BT a while ago to let them know of this, in case it was a counterfeit, but after a couple of email exchanges and showing them the listing,
    I heard nothing back.

    The pro hunter is still offered, along with a "Junior" version in AUS6 steel I believe, and FRN scales instead of G10 like the full size.
    The junior version was always Taiwan made.

    I decided to post this now because today I noticed they also offer the fixed blade N'yati !!!
    Except now it's offered in D2 steel instead of S30V, and it's still USA made.
    I always loved the fixed blade pro hunter almost as much as the folders, but they were so rare.
    I planned on eventually just getting a Nyati instead, but they have become rare as well.
    I'm not sure if I want to get a new one at the price mentioned if it's only D2 steel.

    Anyway, I just find it awkward that Blade-Tech would once again offer these long discontinued knives,
    without mentioning it on their site, or a buzz being made on forums by pro hunter fans.

    Any input would be appreciated.
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