Pro Tech Runt = Excellent

Oct 3, 1998
These are VERY well made little dudes, and they are lightning fast too.
The coil spring is the size of those powering large Benchmade autos, so the Runt is by far the fastest I've seen.
The anodized handles are extremely smooth to the touch. Also, it forms well to the hand due to the finger grooves. The stubby blade on mine is Black-T coated, with a better finish than that of my Black-T Socoms.
The blade is pretty thick for the length so it can be used for tough chores.
The button is located in a natural-feeling place, and it is recessed into the scale. It is also BIG and easy to push, while remaining safe from accidental opening in the pocket.
The blade is very sharp with a flawless grind.
I really like the fact that they come CLIPLESS

For $100, you can't go wrong with one of these.
Hi Bill - thanks for your impressions of the Pro Tech. I agree, they are very well made little jumpers and they do have quite a kick for their small size. Probably the only thing I do not like about them is the blade to handle ratio...seems way off IMO.

Dexter Ewing
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I just received mine in the mail and I think it's about the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I'm totally impressed with the quality. It's one of my first knives over $50 and I am not disappointed in the least. Yes, the blade to handle ratio is a little off, but I ain't complaining. Overall, I couldn't be happier with it.

Daniel Dorn
Hey Bill,
How's it going with my favorite Okie? So you sprung for a Pro-Tech? I don't know if you remember but I bought a blue anonized handled one,(bead blasted ATS-34 blade), about a year ago from James Mattis. It had the BAD fast coil spring like you mentioned but the rest of the knife on a scale of 1-10 was about a five. Came dull and the rest of the knife was pretty rough. Glad to see they've got their act together now.
Just ordered my third Runt.
One of the most practical, heavy duty small knives around.
The first one was black.
I then ordered a silver one for pocket use.
I spent about 45 minutes putting a 20` edge on it and liked it so much I ordered a blue one today.
The blade is all belly and can be honed to razor sharp.
I have not had any problems with the black-T blade staining or rusting.
I really like this knife !
Beats the Gatekeeper hands down (IMO)

How does the Runt compare to the GT CA Special? I have a GT and find it to be a quality piece also. Nearly jumped out of my hand the first time that I opened it!

Was thinking of getting a Runt.


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I have never handled the GT-Cal.Special but have heard good things about it.
The Runt was origionally a Dalton product (Gatekeeper?), but it was far rougher finished than the Runt. Also only came in black.
The Runt comes in red, blue, silver and black.
Triple Aught Design has them for $98, and the blades are black-t coated.
If you end up with a Runt, would you mind providing a comparison with the GT ?