Pro-Tech ?????

Jul 15, 2001
Any one ever heard of them ?
Are they any good ??

How about Paragon ?

and Woodward ?

William Henry ?

Pro-Tech knives are well made . Especially the smaller Ca. legal one's like the "Runt" and "Sidekick" . Their midsize like the "Duke" are also good .

Woodward knives used to be Whitewolf and may still be sold under that name . I have a "Pocket Pro " with a 2.25" blade and a "Fer de Lance" with about a 3.4" ( I forget exactly) blade . These knives are made in small batches and are of very high quality , and well worth the money . They are on par with Microtech in my opinion .

Paragon quality is a little under those just mentioned . Usually having a bit of blade play .

These makers are mostly known for their auto knives , look under the auto knife forum here and do a search for these knives and you will find alot of opinions.

Regards , Cameron .
Drop Mike Payne a line, he deals a lot with them. From my point of view they look good quality at a very good price.
Protech makes extremely high quality stuff, and they are severely under-rated.
The Runt is great and is CA legal.
The TR3 is awesome, snappy, and smokes the MT LUDT in my opinion.

Protech prices are superb. Buy a Protech and you'll never regret it.
I've played with them a few times at the gun shows in Denver. Seems quite nice, but they're illegal here.

My wife was looking a nice blue-handled one -- I don't that that particular piece was damascus, but it was quite nice. Anyway, when she hit the button it snapped out with such force it flew out of her hand and onto the (carpeted) floor.

The vendor was NOT impressed. We moved along quickly.

Slicer, I've heard good things about Pro-Tech products, but have no experience with them. On the other hand, the William-Henry line is above excellent. Fit and finish is equal to some of the finest customs. I have another W-H on order and after I get it will order another - these are all the amber scale models. Then, I may have to check out their carbon fiber and special edition models. Yup, I like them!! :)
Thanks for the plug General......I have been carrying a Duke Light for about 6 months and have used the stink out of much that I have had to replace the spring twice :D. About 2 weeks ago, decided I would try a Runt. So good. While the Runt does not seem to cut as easy as the Duke(because of the thickness of the blade), I do enjoy the snappy spring and the size. I really do not require much length for my daily cutting tasks.

I would post a pic...but my ISP is down for a few days with major league bugs :(
I have an X-Duke I got from Mike Payne and it is a really sweet little auto:) Kicks like a really small mule:rolleyes:

All the Pro-Tech's I've handled have been very nice. Just wish they'd make something a little bigger:D
I have a couple of pro-techs. they seem to be well made and I haven't got any complaints.
You can't go wrong. I've owned several for years and they are very quality for their price point. They have very good customer service also.
Thank you guys.
I have a few bucks to spend and want to add to the collection. There is a wholeslae distributor I do business with in the police and safety supply and they stock some of the better knifes. I can get them one at a time at dealer prices rather than wholesale.
Are Pro-Tech Ca. legal autos (like the "Runt" and "Sidekick") also legal in MA? I looked them up and they are very nice indeed.
Does anyone know if pro-tech has a website? and the web address?