Problem with Boa "Index Trigger"

Jan 5, 2001
I have been reading comments by various Kershaw Boa owners here. I get the impression that the torsion bar opener is supposed to engage when the "index trigger" is pushed flat to the back of the knife, but mine doesn't. (I have the multi-colored and partially-serrated version.) It self-opens very nicely with the regular thumb studs, but the "index trigger" has to be flipped with enough force to carry the blade past the opening threshold.

Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to work? Does my knife need adjustment? If so, is there any way to do it myself or does it need to be sent in to Kershaw?

Any info would be much appreciated!
Welcome to the forums!!!.......I have a Boa and thats the way it's suppose to work, yours is perfect don't touch it....This is a Great place to ask any questions or pose any problems with any knife related tasks.....I'm sure the Moderators will do the formal intro's.....their a great bunch of guys!!..........Ironhorse.......
Thanks for the welcome! There seem to be a lot of nice folks around these parts.

Since my Boa is correctly adjusted I guess I just don't understand the proper use of the "index trigger". My grip when I draw puts my thumb near the thumb stud, but none of my fingers are in a good position to apply the necessary force to the "trigger".

Would anyone be willing to describe in detail how they draw and open the Boa for speed? Does anyone have pictures? :-}
.....The index trigger is for another way of opening the knife,I open mine with my right index finger on the trigger, as with all folding knives, practise makes perfect, keep trying differant ways of opening, be inventive!!.......Ironhorse..........
Welcome to the forums this is a great place to ask questions like that. Sounds like your torsion bar is working fine to me don't mess with it in any way.

Anxiously awaiting my BM 42A