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Problem with Jaguar Balisong

Feb 13, 1999
Here is the first problem I have had with my Jaguar Balisong: I was opening it and the peice i was holding was all that was left in my hand and the other handle part and blade were sitting on the floor behind me. This was not good. I know the little pin that held the handle part to the blade split in half. I found both halves and I now have no idea how to re-assemble them. Anyone know of a good ashesive that would hold the parts of the pin together without gluing the blade and the handle part? Help....
you could always pin it yourself! get a pin of the right size, and pein it in yourself with a ball pein hammer. then, you can even sand the pin flush with the handle. Or, you just throw that piece of junk away and get a Benchmade
Here's the deal with the benchmades...
If I could get a bechmade I would, but they stopped making them, didn't they?
Do you know of a place I could get one because I was lookin' but didn't see any benchmade balisongs for sale. If I was wrong about that, <h3><font color="#FF0000"> FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME WHO HAS THEM FOR SALE!!</h3></font>
Is this the Jaguar knives that are made in China and sell for $4 and up? I have a couple and think I got my money's worth, but I haven't seen a Jaguar balisong.

You don't want to glue that rivet, not with any kind of glue. Replace it with a new rivet and replace the other one before it breaks too. You can make rivets out of nails or any soft steel wire the right diameter, or even brass. Cut it long enough to protrude a little on both sides and then set it on whatever improvised anvil you can come up with and hammer it to swell the ends. If you hammer too long and hard you won't be able to move the joint, but it's probably best to make the joint tight; it'll wear loose with a little flipping.

-Cougar Allen :{)

There are a few Bali's by BM still out there, I was looking for one for a friend, and posted in the Wanted forum, and recieved several responses.

I had same problem with couple of my Jaguars,just send knive back to dealer and this guys fix this.Its no problem with BM.
Try find same BM at Discount Knives.
The Jaguar butterflies are made in Taiwan not China. Some of the Jaguar knives are made in China. We will have the same butterflies under the Dragon Forge name and they will have a lifetime warranty.

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