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Problems reading Edge Retention thread

Apr 3, 2000
I know this is going to sound like a newbie thing - but for some reason I can't bring up any content on the discussion around the 6 Edge Retention Tests. Just a blank page comes up (using Netscape 4.7). I REALLY wanted to read this thread! Is anyone else having this problem?
Me too. Netscape 4.6 Tried to get into it several times from a couple of different angles. Nothing works.

Funny it's only this thread.

Hi guys. I also had the same problem, but the page loads up okay using MSIE v5. It seems that Sergiusz used some html codes that seem to screw up Netscape.
MSIE is more forgiving, but I only use that on instances like these when Netscape won't work.

Give it a try. You're missing some great reviews.. hehehe.

It seems due to test result table - my first trial in HTML.
Now I replaced the table with it's image and all should be OK.
Please try again and if you will have problems let me known.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland