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Problems with Tuf-cloth?

Nov 12, 1998
Having just recieved a sebenza, and a tuf-cloth, I thought I might give the sebenza a wiping-down. After reading the claim on the package that says to "use it to protect all types of metal finishes", I figured that this would alright. Unfortunately, the handle now has some sort of blotchy look to it. Is this normal? How do I "fix" this?


=- Craig
Ive had this with a Microtech grey blade and have been meaning to post.
Don't panic! Let the tuff cloth solution dry overnight on your knife and then give it a thorough rubbing with your favorite dry knife friendly cloth. I don't know why tuff cloth spreads unevenly, but it seems all that's required is a little buffing to even out the blotching. Hope this helps.


=- Craig
Greetings Dan. Even after polishing the "bluriness" off, the protective qualities remain as the treatment goes below the surface of the metal. Rest easy.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."
A certain poster wanted a 'blue circle' Umfaan, of which only about 60 were made. The circles had been colored (anodized, I believe) with a process which could not be carried out on a plain circle Umfaan.

I discovered that I had one in the closet of wonders, so, since I had no particular interest in the knife, arranged for the poster to get it, and replace my Umfaan with a new one. heh heh heh

Here, in his own words, is what happened to the 'blue circle' Umfaan after it arrived at the poster's house:
It was actually pretty funny (for about 30 seconds.) When the knife
arrived, I called my girlfriend in to see it - told her about you and the
Reeves. While we're talking I'm VERY LIGHTLY cleaning the scales with the
WD-40 cloth. All of a sudden the circles aren't blue anymore! I almost
started crying. Finally realized I hadn't rubbed hard enough to "erase" the
blue anodizing and called CRK, but for a bit I had a truly dumbfounded look
on my face - I was so stunned! (Anne had told me on the phone that the
knife was perfect as received from you, and I was REAL hesitant to call and
let her know I'd possibly ruined it.)

Anne R. suggested using Windex with a Q-tip - worked perfectly in about 3
seconds. I also used it on my plain circles Umfaan, which made the circles
look darker and the polished handle brighter.

You see, the film of WD-40 is thick, and changes the way the anodized Ti reflects light. heh heh heh
Of course, I disavow any foreknowledge that he would use WD-40 on his knife. However, there is one more Tuf-Cloth convert in the world!! The e-mail is quoted with the author's permission. Walt
I had the same thing happen to me, but it was a Benchmade AFO and 3500. These knives have a far rougher bead blast finish on their handles than Reeves knives. They are also black in color.
The white residue was really visable on the Benchmade handles after the Tuf Cloth dried.
I was able to completely remove it by rubbing the handles with a silicone cloth.