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production dagger blades


Oct 1, 2000
I just wanted to know how many folders/fixed dagger knives are out there. There shouldn't be too many due to the limited utility usefulness...
So far I only know the ontario stiletto as fixed and a SOG Folder (don't know the name.

Gerber and Randall still make daggers and there are a lot of custom made ones. Not to mention all the cheap "boot knife" daggers out there. I think Cold Steel still makes at least one, maybe more.

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Yes, the Culloden is by cold steel (I don't know if they still make it out of AUS-8).
Most Boot knives I have seen seem to be rather spearpointed.
Actually the culloden isn't a dagger, but the Tai Pan and the Peacekeeper are. If you were to choose one of these, I suggest grabbing the Tai Pan over the Peacekeeper.
Gee - there are more than a few production
fixed double edge blades:

Boker AF in various forms
SOG Desert Dagger and Pentagon
Randall No.2
Cold Steel PeaceKeepers
Cold Steel Tai Pan
Gerber Mk I & II's (now out of production)

I can't think of any production true double edged knives.

In a custom knife you have many many options.

Are you looking for a dagger as in double edged or just a real pointy Arkansas Toothpick type of knife in double or single edge? I was thinking of a differnt Cold Steel. I forget the name. Think the one you were looking at is single edged. Most of the daggers I have seen and own have that spear point shape (pretty pointy actually) and not the pure triangle shape of the toothpick types.
opps forgot - Fallkniven is also coming out with a small true double edged dagger.
Peacekeepers have a spear point blade, don't they? I'm not planning to buy one, just wanted to know about them. I meant those "true" dagger blades i.e. triangle shaped and double edged. So the Culloden is out.


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Hi Seb,

The SOG folders you are referring to are the Pentagon Elite I & II (3.9" and 5" blades). Though dagger shaped, they are single edged. Loki outlined our other fixed bladed daggers.

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Kershaw Trooper (K1007) is a dagger. Are they still making it? Toolshop has still some for sale.

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If you're looking for daggers with "triangular" blade shapes see the Randall No.13 "toothpic." This model comes with 12" or 6" blades. With Randall's you're really treading near custom territory and the price and wait time are considerable. I think all the other production daggers are more or less "spear" shaped. If you're looking for period pieces there are some specialty shops turning out such at decent prices - see Swordforums for some links.
I'm thinking of getting a Camillus CQB1 and having the top false edge sharpened. (Or doing it myself, but probably not!) Sure, it wouldn't be true dagger, but should be pretty nifty, nonetheless. More of a "utility dagger" with all the benefits that go with a double edged blade...
I love daggers, but didn't own any. Now, I have four coming, two handmade and two production, all in stag.

The production knives; one is a Linder Boot Dagger, not expensive, but I've heard good things about them. The other was made by Kershaw back in the '70's and called a "Sticker" if I'm not mistaken, this was a gift from maddog2020. Thanks Ray!

The handmades are from Allen Blade and Mike Irie.

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I`ve got 2 devil darts from pat crawford. They are what I consider real daggers. They have triangle shaped blades and are made just for stabbing. They are 7 inches overall and came in kydex sheaths to carry around the neck. They are made of 440c steel and the handles are knurled for a good grip. Really great toys fashioned after world war 2 daggers used by the oss. Roger
I just received this knife from maddog, it's the Kershaw. The blade is stamped 1987 and is just under 5", full tang, inegral guard, very nice stag scales and like NIB, nice double stiched leather sheath with a metal belt clip. Very nice knife, and one heck of a gift. I couldn't even find a picture of it, so here's one if you're curious.

Click on thumbnail for full size.

<A HREF="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=254126&a=1889225&p=37786596&Sequence=0&res=high" TARGET=_blank>
Try Randall:

Model 24 - 4" (Guardian)
Model 2 - 6",7",8" (Fighting Stiletto)
Model 2-5 - 4", 5" (Letter Opener & Boot Knife)
Model 13 - 6", 12" (Arkansas Toothpick)

go to www.randallknives.com.
Get their catalog, it's great.


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