Production Offerings - Special Sharp & Fiery Leathercraft Announcement Thread

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May 14, 2012
After a lot of thought and contemplating, I am closing my books for the time being. I have learned a lot in the last year, and I am changing the focus of my leather work.

Anyone who has currently committed to sheaths of all kinds, they are now in the works. Now that the “Bunny Knife Sheath” orders are complete, I have time to work on current orders.

I work a full time job, which does not provide me enough time to create new products and exercise my brain with new ideas.

This year I hope to come out with some generic products that can be personalized (colors/thread color/embossing/etc). Some of these include a minimalist wallet, generic pocket sheaths for fixed blades, canted sheaths for fixed blades, as well as slip sheaths with pocket clips.

I hope the direction I am taking doesn’t kick me in the butt later on, however, I need to be designing and bringing new ideas to the table. I enjoy that greatly.

If anyone has any ideas for products they would like to see, please comment here in this thread. I take all comments and suggestions seriously.

Thank you for your support and keep a lookout for new products to show up this year.


Have you considered barch orders, like for batches of handmade knives? That would allow decent bang for the for a single designed sheath, 10-20 of one style instead of wholly 1-off.
Have you considered barch orders, like for batches of handmade knives? That would allow decent bang for the for a single designed sheath, 10-20 of one style instead of wholly 1-off.

This is how I originally wanted to do it. I have a lot of support from my USA friends, but being in Canada, it’s hard for people to be comfortable sending their knife over the border, understandably. This has hindered my ability to take on a lot of exciting work.

I wish I could own one of every knife, but alas…no can do. Haha.

Thank you for replying. Very much appreciated.
Closing the books eh? Well that just up’d the value of the sheaths I have as they are now discontinued/exclusive… sweet! 🤣😂

Glad to see you are branching out, can’t wait to see what you come up with.
I have a number of current orders at the moment, not overwhelming, but I don’t want to take on more than I can do. I don’t want to be one of those guys that people complain that it takes too long to get their product. Integrity is key!

So for the time being…books are closed.
All the best. Sounds like a wise decision for the time being. Hope to see you back in action here though, in the not to far...

I'm one of those guys reluctant to send a custom knife over the border through the vagaries of border customs. I still intend to make up a bass wood model of a specific folder and send that to you. Well - all in good time. Be well and prosper however you do it. Cheers!
Just a heads-up announcement.

For anyone looking to purchase the BF ‘23 Hump Back Congress slip…the order thread is here…


I will be posting some of prototype sheaths and random stuff I have laying around for sale at a discount today in a new thread.

Thank you for your support and following Sharp & Fiery Leathercraft.

Coleman aka Sharp & Fiery
Since I only had time to photograph and find one item…I’ll post it here.
This is the angular canted sheath for the new REK Ember 3.0 Sheepfoot only. It functions exactly as it should. There is a mark on the backside where the dye wouldn’t take.
This is finished with just as much care as all the rest of my products and holds the knife firmly in place.
If I end up making a run of these, they will be $135USD.


I’m selling the proto at a discounted price of $95usd shipped. Knife is not included. There will be a “dot” imprinted on the backside to distinguish it as a proto. All proto sales are final.
Thanks for looking!