Project: Omerta


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Oct 29, 2012
This one is an 18" W2 blade with an eland bone handle. It will have a habaki and guard. I am also planning on making it a takedown with a mekugi pin. I am going to either line the bone cavity with a fitted epoxied copper liner or bed it in fiberglass like a rifle stock. Haven't figured that part out yet.

I am going to try and cast the caps for the bone in bronze. If that doesn't work it will be fitted and brazed copper. This will be my first casting experiment so I am not sure how it will come out. Also going to try some scrimshaw and a leather wrap on the bone.

The bone is fit and it is ready for the hamon.

Here is an update on the Omerta sword.

The first blade did not survive heat treat. It took a crazy warp and cracked when I tried to straighten it in the temper. I am pretty sure the warp was from me pulling it out of the oil to quickly. I had a couple 2x4s set up to clamp it straight and didn't rest it long enough in the oil. This type of blade with the clay bends down first and then back up in the oil. I think I pulled it and clamped after the bend down. I should have just cleaned and redone heat treatment. You can see the crack in the middle


Good news is the second blade worked out perfect. I decided to redeem myself with a CPM3V blade. Everything went according to plan with this one. It is at 120 grit here.


I started shaping the bone. It is going to get thick copper collars at both end and probably some copper strips. I haven't decided if I am going to do an ito wrap with some carving showing through the diamonds on the bone or a carved leather wrap.


The Habaki turned out nice. I textured it with my carbide hammer. I am going to do a forced patina maybe with some ammonia to get some green and then buff it for a two tone look.