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Jul 23, 2015
Buy a River Hawk from Jason now to Monday May 15th, and get $25 shop credit with David Mary Custom on any orders you have on the books already, or new orders you place any time after you buy the River Hawk. If you already bought a knife directly from me, or have an order on the books, Jason will give you $25 off an AEB-L River Hawk, or $40 off a MagnaCut one, which adds up to $50 or $65 in discounts respectively. Take advantage of mine and Jason's attempts to outdo each other in generosity before two weeks is up, when we go back to being miserly curmudgeons. ;)

Hi friends, as many of you know, last year Jason New River Knife Works New River Knife Works was kind enough to have me make a run of knives for his store.

We came up with the River Hawk, an EDC hawkbill blade sized to be legal just about everywhere.

This morning I reached out to Jason and asked if he had any left, and he informed me that he has just over half the original run of 31 River Hawks in AEB-L, and the two wood handled MagnaCut River Hawks I made him later in the year.

I previously offered an indefinite $10 David Mary Custom shop credit to any Bladeforums member who purchases a River Hawk from New River Knife Works. The following members each purchased a River Hawk after I announced that credit (and may or may not have even been aware they have a credit!).

jlauffer jlauffer
C CBurgett
C celticrogues
snuffle snuffle
brough brough

But when I learned how many Jason still has, and as a gesture of my gratitude to him for having taken a chance on a small time, little known maker like me, I offered to increase that credit from now until 11:59 pm EST on the Monday after Mother's Day to $25. That is to say, any Bladeforums member who buys a River Hawk from Jason will get $25 shop credit, per each Hawk you buy from him.

And even after this promotion is over, if he has any left, the $10 shop credit still stands.

When I talked to Jason this morning his initial response was "David, don't cut your throat trying to sell these for me". When I insisted on doing this, he was not going to be one upped, and he said, "Fine, then anyone who is an existing customer, whether they have bought a knife directly from you already, or have one on the books, or place an order in the next two weeks, will get $25 from me on a River Hawk in AEB-L, or $40 off one in MagnaCut, all they have to do is let me know, and I'll confirm with you that they qualify, and then apply their discount."

Jason and I don't doubt the River Hawks will all sell in time. But we both considered it a calculated risk to make our first run a hawkbill blade shape, since not everyone is into them. But we also felt the EDC hawkbill market was underserved and oversaturated with karambits, hence the decision to take the plunge.

But I don't want to see Jason sitting on these River Hawks for another year, so please help me help him to help us to some great little EDC blades that have proven themselves to be an EDC favorite.

Thanks, and Jason and I both look forward to serving you,

I agree with BlindMouse,

The Riverhawk has proved to be a valuable cutting tool on a daily basis, and I highly recommend that everyone should go ahead and snag one.

With this incentive, just grab one and check out the goodness.

I use mine most often for final fitment of wood trim while remodeling. It works so well because I can remove quite a bit of material in quite a controlled manner.
Promotion Ended. Thanks to everyone who partook. :)
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