Promotional material at knife shows

Jan 19, 1999
In another thread under "custom knives" I raised the point about promotional material offered at knife shows by exhibitors. It is not a topic limited solely to custom knifemakers, and I wondered what the forunites thought about it.

My feelings were that . . .
- Business cards were essential,
- Leaflets can often be even better,
- Calenders are really good (with the makers name, address and some knife pics),
- T-shirts, golf shirts, baseball caps and peaks are great for the buyers.

Do these things attract your attention, or do you find they end up cluttering the house and get thrown out after a while?

Regards, HILTON
It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the hundreds of knives at a show. I find it really useful when a maker I like has a leaflet so that, days after the show is over, I can sort out who made what knife, how much it cost, and what options are available. I sometimes walk away with 10 or so business cards and I'm always writing details like model names, prices, and even little sketches of the knife I liked on the back of the cards. This info should be available. I'm not interested in swag. I just want a good knife.