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Jun 12, 2000
Has anyone else seen the CS "PROOF" video? I received a copy from a friend yesterday as a gift, and just now finished viewing it.

DAMN...No wonder I like Cold Steel Knives so much! The abuse they took in this video was incredible, and just like a Timex watch,
"they took a licking, and kept on ticking"!.

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I watched it last year.

Since then, I only carry ColdSteel for "serious" purpose.
Today, I carry Large Gunsite. . .love it.

I wonder, why some other knife makers don't bother to do something like this. . .they just keep saying that their knife is better/sharper, their lock is stronger. . .

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Originally posted by Santi:

I wonder, why some other knife makers don't bother to do something like this.
Profesionally done video wouldn't be cheap
Plus some hassle like copying, sending...
There's adifference between knifemaker & knifemaking company...
And, as usual a good knifemaker cares about his product & customers (and is affected) a lot more then large Company like COld Steel.

they just keep saying that their knife is better/sharper, their lock is stronger. . .

1) I haven't seen any knifemaker having adds nearly as aggressive as Cold Steel does. In other words Cold Steel is the one who claims the most...
2) If U try to do the same as U've seen on that video & the knife breaks your varranty is voided. That doesn't make me very confident about their video.

Personally, I much rather a knifemaker that says here's my knife & it can do X & Y, if it breaks while doing it I'll replace it for U, than the video that says this knife can do it but only in our experienced hands

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I've got to agree with you about the warranty of CS.

If the knives are so strong, sharp, and better made than competators why a limited warranty? Relax guys they're among my favorites too. I just dont understand how a company who states what they do can't offer better. The big ones in CA, CO, and OR back up their blades. CS how about some Better "Proof".

Remember reading an article several years ago in one of the publications re. someone at a blade show complaining about lifetime warranties not being fair or something to that effect. Shortly there after CS knives no longer warrantied the same.

Heck yeah, I borrowed it from a friend a couple of months ago and watched it three times in one night. That's the movie of the year right there...of course for some reason my wife wouldn't watch it.

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Yep have both of them the first one was just a homemade job of Dan Maragni in a garage beating knives almost to death and the newer one with music and such, tough knives!

Also had another homemade video by Jimmy Fikes, man does he put his knives and swords through their paces! Others should do more of this!


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If the actions in the "Proof" video are not covered by the warrenty, then they don't prove much of anything because bottom line the company does not guarantee that your blade will behave as the ones in the video.

As for why don't others do it, many custom makers will be very descriptive of how their blades will perform. They will also warrenty that it functions as they describe.

Many production makers like Strider, Busse, etc. will do the same, and those two specifically have done live demo's with blades at shows.