Propane connections

Feb 3, 2001
I have my burner made and forge is just about done. But I dont know exactly how to connect everything. I know I need something to tell me how much propane is going out or something like that, what is that called? I just need to hook up my propane tank to my burner, can someone tell me how? Thanks all.
Charles you need a regulator. Your best bet is to call a plumber to get some advice. Butane gas is dangerous!!!! It will kill you to.
I just finished putting together my burner and propane connections, so maybe I can be of help. I'm using a combination aceytylene/LP regulator I picked up at a local Harbor Freight store. I didn't see it on their website, but it's made by Smith Equipment, , this link should take you to Smith's page. I paid $69.00 for it, and it attaches directly to a BBQ size propane tank. You should be able to order it through a welding supply house.

The local welding supply house said not to use a regular acetylene regulator or hose because something in the propane is not compatible with the seals in the reg. and the hose. I had an 8' section of "N" type (I think)propane hose made up with a fitting on one end that connects to the regulator, and a fitting on the other end that connects with a quick disconnect (brass, typically used for air tools). The QD is attached to a 1/4" brass ball valve attached to the burner.

The hose and crimped on fittings was made up while I waited and cost about $20.00 from . They have a local store, and if it has to do with hose, they have it! The QD, ball valve, and other parts came from Home Depot.

I will email pictures or post them if you want.


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