Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance: BladeForums + 1999 Blade Show


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Oct 2, 1998
Hey folks! There's a lot to be said for military axioms, and this is one of the truest. will have a booth (Number 85) at the Blade Show. Coincidentally, we'll be right next to SpeedTech Knives, and in the same area as several other Forum regulars.

Anyhow, we need to get the early stages of planning started since we're approximately 5 weeks out now.

We happen to be fortunate enough to be located where last years food court area was. We're also located on a corner, which gives us more usable area.

Here's what we propose: For those of you who are going to the BladeShow, you can use the Booth as a rally point, lay-up area, and refueling area. Because we're located where we are, we should have room for some seating behind us. Lord knows that if there's enough interest, I can bring jello shots, (though I imagine that the Blade staff would frown on a blender in the hall... and local laws probably prohibit me making mixed drinks

Anyhow, let's get organized. What would you like to see? Would you like a sit down area where you can chat up other forumites? Meet 'n greet opportunities?

We're probably bringing a camcorder, and we're definately bringing a digital camera. Look for other stuff as well.

The floodgates are officially open, let's hear your ideas.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Boy! Say that three times fast!

I'm a newbie here but not in that **other** forum site. I shure would like to go to that show but time and mula won't allow

I would like a sit down area. That would be cool. Of course I probably won't be there until sunday, so I'll probably miss every one. But I will make the Bladeforums Booth my first stop. Which will be hard since Benchmades booth is #1.

How about a laptop with cell modem and up to the minute uploads of the latest pics and news? I can dream can't I? but it would be cool for when you come back to the booth for a couple Jello shots for there to be a laptop there for the uploading of cool pics...I guess for the ultimate dream, a live digital video camera..yea...that is the ticket...

OK. Next year I want Blade Magazine to hold the show in a beautiful site with wonderful mild climate and great facilities...
OH MY, that could be right here in San Diego !
Yeah, that's the ticket !
That's the only way I'm going to get to go


Oh well, there is always the Anaheim show!
You lucky stiffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spark and Mike,
Sounds like great ideas. The Blade Show is so big that a meet and rest your feet area sounds great. I usually go with my cousin and we have a hard time finding each other again. How about having some BF stickers printed that we could put on the plastic pass holder. That way forum members could recognize each other. Even if they were just some generic sticker it would work. Just an idea.

See you in Atlanta.
Naw, Brian, everything's on the freaking coasts. I think the next BLADE show should be central (that means the flyover zone to all you coastals) Chicago or St. Louis would be a good choice. I say this only out of concern for my West coast knife brethren, not any kind of personal interest. The fact that I would be a couple of hours away is not a factor.

Thanks for the rest area, Bladeforums. BTW, am I missing some kind of inside joke with the jello shots? This is gonna be so cool!
Here are the ideas already on the board.

We will have stickers you can put on your shirts with your names on them and of course our logo! This will be especially good in the sit down area so you guys don't just stare at each other wondering who is that guy or gal

Also we are trying to have a phone line put in. If we get the line in we will connect every now and then and upload images LIVE from the show. Also we will allow members to post while at our booth.

We will also have the AKTI site on hand and we will actively promote it and get people to sign up ON THE SPOT!

Also as a show of good will everone who signs up for AKTI membership at the BFC booth will get a FREE knife, a Dragon Forge Koh-Hai!

We will also set up a temporary forum called "Blade Show '99" Cool name huh

This is so you don't have to hunt for blade show news or pics. And we will leave it up for a good while although we will lock it down a few weeks after the show.

But wait there is more.....

Camillus was kind enough to donate 2 Cudas.
One will be next months giveaway.. Secret is out. The other will be given away at the show to a random member who visits our both and puts their name in a hat.

Also in the booth will be LOTS OF KNIVES! LOTS OF KILLER DEALS! Starting with the official 1999 Knife, the Blue G-10 Native.

And many other deals we have worked out like a special deal on the MISION Knives MPU for only $79.95! The MISSION MPU will be available through the store starting later tonight or tomorrow.

Also we will have all knives donated to BladeForums on display for the upcomming months.

I am sure there is something I am missing here and I will post more.

So wadayathink?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

will anyone have a knife display or collection of some sort at the table? also, can we trade, sell, buy and all around gawk at each others knives in the area or should we refrain from the dealin' around your table area? another question for for those going, what is the best way to travel with your knives and have them safely arrive at the airport with you? can you just check them with your luggage?...dmc
Sounds great Mike! And the temporary forum called "Blade Show '99'
I am on the wrong coast for this...
Next year SF Bay Area.