Recommendation? Protech Tr4 stiff opening. Lube?


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Sep 21, 2010
I got a new Protech Tr4 Manual opening knife about 6 months. I have carried it and opened it many times plus applied blue lube. This blade is beyond my normal budget so I don't want to take it apart and wondered if there are less invasive ideas. My problem is that with all my other thumb stud blades they just fly open with no trouble but this one only does so at a certain angle and with a lot of wrist action.

Any thoughts are most appreciated.
I like to use a very small amount of moly paste (usually applied with the end of a toothpick) on my folders. Usually in the metal on metal wear areas. But looking at this knife, I wonder if it is possible that the pivot is too tight? I see there is a hex head on one side that you might be able to loosen a bit to get the desired the action. I don't have one of these, but if I did, I would probably start there.
Yes, Nano-Oil is a specific brand.
The 5 weight version is very thin and has strong penetrating capabilities, exactly the reasons why i use it myself on folders that i don't want to disassemble.
As well as on a lot of other mechanisms.
Avoid nano oil. It's just mineral oil and has alot of snake oil marketing. It's also expensive.

Try knife pivot lube. You'll like it.
Mo2 Mo2 There is definitely something in the Nano-Oil as a cloudy compound settles out over time. However I am generally not a fan of boutique petroleum lubricants and I would neither buy it nor "Knife Pivot Lube" at current prices when motor, gun, or bicycle oil can be had at vastly lower unit price. If I am going to pay $1/ml it had better be fluoropolymer for an application that requires it.