Pull SB off wooden base?

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    Jan 1, 2018
    Hey guys. Been a while. I have a small SB arkansas stone. It is pocket sized but is mounted on a wooden base. Since i replaced it with a 6x2 i would like to be able to carry the small one in my pocket. The wooden base has the small black stone and a small soft white stone. It is made by Accusharp. I thought boiling the wood and stone together might soften the wood enough that the glue would lose its grip. But maybe a solvent instead? I know from the past that with enough use it should come lose but i dont want to wait for that. Prying it off seems risky for obvious reasons and cutting down the wood still only leaves me the one surface.
    Suggestions? Thanks guys
  2. For a pocket stone, it may be more prudent to just buy another one, minus the wood mount. At least the smaller ones aren't too expensive.

    I tried to do the same with an old unbranded Tri-hone setup of mine (roughly 6" X 2" stones), mounted on a triangular wooden base. It's got a fairly nice translucent Arkansas stone on one face, and I had hoped to separate it from the wood. The set is one I'd purchased maybe ~25-30 years ago. Whatever epoxy (I assume) was used, it seems indestructable, even after 30 years or so. I tried prying it free, but only chipped the edge of the stone. I tried some solvent (acetone), still with no luck. I've decided to let it be. The translucent stone shows what looks like a hairline crack running it's full thickness, and I'm afraid I'll break it in two, if I keep trying to force it off.

    I think I've read that high heat is about the only thing that might have a chance in loosening up fully hard-cured epoxy. But I'm not willing to abuse my setup anymore in pursuit of that; I've since learned it isn't all bad, used as it was originally put together. I'm OK with it now. :)
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    Jan 1, 2018
    Good times with arkansas stones. The Smith's tri hone was what id gotten two stones loose from before. The hard white came free nd eventually the soft did too. I used nothing but honing oil and water... i think the wood may have swollen and that and all the lubricant... they both just sort of came free while using em.
    I think youre right that buying a new one is smarter. I feel any time i can avoid buying something by applying some brain power is like a personal triumph
    Thanks for the advice

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