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Pulley for new VS motor

Oct 31, 1998
I got my motor from Surplus Warehouse (2 1/2 HP variable speed for $50.!!!), built a
box with a fan inside and openings covered with AC filter. Now I can't figure out
how to mount a pulley.
The motor shaft is threaded 1/2", found a nut to fit, and a smooth shaft that's
about 21/32" or .672 or maybe 17 mm. Has anyone got a good idea on mounting a
pulley? Please!!
Thanks, Lynn
how long is the motor shaft? Is it keyed? I don't understand about the smooth shaft stock. are you going to mount it between pillow-block bearings? I used to fabricate a lot of production line equipment, mounted a lot of motors and drive systems. A little more detail and perhaps I can help. What is the motor manufacturer? What application are you going to use it for...
I forgot to say that the motor will run my Coote 2 X 72" grinder.
Toxicavenger, I don't understand the smooth shaft and the 17 mm size eather. There is no keyway or anything else. I'm thinking of getting a 1/2" shaft hole pulley, drilling it out for 17 mm, (leaving a lip of 1/2") grinding a flat for the set screw. Think that'll work?
Thanks, Lynn
That will do for a quick fix, just to get you up and running. However, it would be better to have it keyed. One thing we do to fix a spinning pully when the machine can't be down long enough for proper maintenance is to take a drill a size or so smaller than the threaded hole for the set screw and dimple the shaft a few thousandths and torque the set screw down into it. Oh, one other thing... there are cone-lock pulleys too. I don't know if it will work on your motor but you could look into it. Be careful if you are just going to drill out that 1/2" pulley. if it's not prefectly center it will eventually wear out the bearings on your motor/machine and cause lots of vibration!