Puma Info

Feb 7, 1999
I just bought a Puma knife at a garage sale. It seems to be a boot knife. The sheath has a metal clip and no provision for holding the knife secure except for friction. The blade measures 4.25" and it has a stag handle. There is no guard on the knife and it has a full tang. The Puma crest is on the blade along with the words "handarbeit rostfrei",and "best.#3573". I cant find it in any catalogs that cary Puma knives. If anyone has any info on the knive please let me know. Thx...

Can't give you any hard facts. I think it's been discontinued for a few years now.
Last selling price (new) I saw was well over $100.
I have one and I love it. Yours must be in pretty good shape if it still has all the logos on the blade. Mine has been worn clean.
Sounds like an excellent garage sale find.
Enjoy it.
Doc, thanks for your reply. The knife is in very good condition, just a few small scratches on the blade and some slight wear on the sheath. I would really like to get a kydex sheath made for it as the original sheath does not hold the knife secure enough for me. I paid 40 bucks for it so I guess I made out ok..Do you carry it in the original sheath? Let me know.
For $40 you made out like a bandit.
I made a leather belt sheath for it, for hunting and camping. I also use the original sheath for when I just slip it in the waistband. Squeeze the metal band on top of the sheath together for tighter retention. Crude but fairly effective.
If you get the kydex sheath, let me know where you got it and how it works out, but hold on to the original sheath for resale/trade.
Obviously, the inscriptions translate to "handmade, rustfree (or stainless).
Thx Doc, I'm gonna squeeze that metal band right now... I'll let you know about the kydex if and when I get it done.

Bruce, I figured that was what it said.
Thx for the reply....
Mick, actually it translates to "hand worked" which means handmade in English. sorry I screwed it up first time.

I bought a 4 inch Puma hunting knife in England in 1970 for about 5 pounds (can't find the key code for the pound sign!) and gave it to my daughter for backpacking. Great little knife!
Mick -- There's a used one for sale on eBay right now. It's already at $77 with four days to go. You got a real bargain.