Puma Stag "Hunters Companion" model 116394

Jul 7, 1999
I was just curious about the Puma Stag "Hunters Companion" model 116394. Is it sold publicly yet or at the Disributor level. I can't find any information on it except on www.ebay.com. I heard only 3 of them were allowed per distributor to see how the sales go with it. Well....I personally think it will be a wonderful seller. What are they supposed to retail for? Any information on it will do. Thanks.

E-mail me at lastreich@kih.net if you have info.
I've had a stag Puma "Hunter's Companion" model 6394 for about 20 years.
It has a 4 1/2" upswept skinning blade with about an inch of serrations
by the handle. If this is what you're looking at, it's not a new model.
I hope you're not getting some "e-bay hustle".
Good luck
I took a look. It's definitely not the "Hunter's Companion",
but it looks like a Puma. Maybe it's a European model ??
The sheath is different from the usual Puma sheath.
Let me know what you decide.

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Below is another site where a guy is selling an actual hunters companion, that has hunters companion on the blade. Both this knife with Hunters Companion on the blade and the other knife I sent you too before have the same model numbers. I asked both sellers. THe first guy failed to tell me if his had hunters companion on the blade. I went ahead and ordered one from the guy that had hunters companion on the blade and paid $99 for it shipping and all. I hope I didn't get ripped, but if so....I will get over it for the quality. Thanks Doc