punture point works great!


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May 6, 2000

i am making two 12" bowie type for a customer. while gring the swege i desided to leave a 1/4" of the flat grind on the tip to have a strong tip.well today i knocked one of the table and it landed tip down going through my leather shop an about a half inch deep. i saw blood spouting out of the hole in my shoe. i hit a vein and had to say hello to the folk's at the e.r. i love knifemaking, never a dull moment. LOL

Laurence Segal www.RHINOKNIVES.com
I hate it when that happens!

One time I had just finished up an Elephant Ivory handled fighter and had just buffed the edge and it was razor sharp. I some how lost control of it and while it was headed for the floor I tried to catch it with my steel toed boot. I missed and it stuck in my calf deep. Well, I think I was a little green at that time, but no pain, so I yanked it out of my leg through my pants and felt a lot of blood comming out. I pulled my pant leg up and blood squirted across the room every time my heart stroked! I wrapped it up good and headed to town from the ranch I was working on. I was on the interstate headed to Helena....


I caught a ride to a gas station and got some gas and got to the emergency room and found that I had slit my femural artery lengthways, or I wouldnt be here today! I just let them hit the floor now!