Purchased my first Ontario knife.

Discussion in 'Ontario Knife Company' started by Hickory n steel, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hickory n steel

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Aside from my grandfather's old True edge grape hook I don't own any Ontario knives yet for some strange reason.
    I don't even have an old hickory yet.

    Anyways I came across a like new 498 on eBay yesterday for under $40 and decided to buy it, not that it matters but it does have the box.
    I've wanted a MK2 style knife for a long time and I figured this 498 was a good choice since I had lusted after one at the local surplus store as a kid but could not afford the $50 they wanted for it.

    Being all black it doesn't really have as much visual appeal to me as a Ka-Bar or case version might, but I think I want to see about stripping the black finish off the blade and handle.

    I think I'll probably just take the handle to a belt sander since I'm going to want it more oval than round anyways , the blade I'm hoping I'll be able to strip with some Jasco as long as masking tape will be enough to protect the guard.

    Never done this before so id appreciate any advice.
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  2. Michael Sankewitsch

    Michael Sankewitsch

    Nov 4, 2018
    I got my first OKC today in the mailbox. A Rat 1. Looking forward to working it. Oh, D2 steel too, another reason I am looking forward to working it. :)
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