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Purple Leopard (Benchmade 625)

Oct 12, 1998
Does anyone know how many Purple Leopards (Model 625) Benchmade made?

I have one of these, too and am also intersted in that information. All I know is that few people seem to know about it (they alwais get surprised when I show mine).
Best regards

Ivan Campos
I have a bright red Leopard cub, and gave a blue one away some years ago.

My understanding at the time was that one or several large distributors special ordered them in colors, or without any finish and applied the color them selves.

The dealer I got my cub from at the time had quite a collection of both Leopards and cubs in a number of colors as well as black and gray.
Colored Leopards haven't been produced for a while, but there are still some out there in the hands of dealers. The Leopard is still one of my favorite Benchmades. They still make the Leopard Cub, but in black only. My favorite variant is the clear anodized version, but I guess their main market is people who do not already own more than enough black knives.

My girlfriend was attempting to collect all of the Cub colors a few years back, but could never get the red or green. My understanding was that all of the colors (not black or grey) were produced for the Edge Company, but the number of other dealers who managed to get them leaves me curious. These may have been secondhand, direct-ordered from Benchmade, or excess Edge Company stock, I don't know. Full sized-Leopards were also done in colors, as were mini-Spikes, but I never saw any other colored Benchmades except autos. I don't know how many were made, but it is definitely a small number compared to the black models. They seemed to be surprisingly slow sellers.

Mr. Mattis,
When you say clear, do you mean grey or bare metal? I've heard the grey finish called "clear," but also seen an Auto-Spike in a "clear" finish that was like bare satin aluminum.

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives