Purpleheart JKM? Check it out!

Jul 30, 2004
Finally got my 12/4 UBB- the sandalwood JKM. See Uncle's new thread- the mail's SLOW lately- was postmarked 12/4, took a week. I like JKM's a lot and so do many of you. But this one... see the pix. I'm no woodchuck, but in *strong* sunlight this sure looks like purpleheart to me. Last night I thought it looked funny- kinda grey veins in the wood. But the light of day shows something very cool- definite purple. See also for comparison my USA antler JKM. It's on top of an American Rifleman, story about the Nepal treasures (I hope a lot of you read this one).

So. Is it purpleheart? I haven't monkeyed with these pix in photoshop, I swear.



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No, UB, you can only see it in direct sunlight... I couldn't tell indoors- then, I'm still not sure.

Nice, nice! I'm happy- wood JKM's seem rare.

I'm betting that it is...either way, they are rare in wood and a *very* worthy addition to your collection AA...Congrats!

Those look great, AA. I really have to get an antler JKM. However after seeing your PH surprise, I kinda want one of those too:) Thanks for posting the pics for us:)

Thanks, everybody. Well... the camera's a junky 1.3 megapixel... but the wood just lights up purple in sunlight. It glows, really. You just can't see it well from far away. It would be real hard to tell from the daily pix which have to show much larger knives side by side.

Also, older JKM's had room for a finger choil- like Bruisee & Nasty's- my two new ones just don't have finger room- they're sharp right (almost) down to the grip. A big improvment, and a return to the much older (original?) JKM's seen on HI's website. I have an older Kesar-made JKM and it's got a clean inch of unsharpened steel which someday will benefit from the cool finger choil.

And possibly steel furniture on them- Villager style. Not that I hate brass, I just like nickle silver & steel better. Brass polishing takes time...



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They are all some dayumed nice knives, eh?