Putting a colored / coated / painted Klean Kanteen in a fire to boil water?

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Mar 19, 2007
Has anyone done this for a coated Klean Kanteen. I have one for my BOB to boil water in and I just want to check it is cool.

It is stainless on the inside - but what looks to be powder coated on the outside.

I would strip the coating first. Burning paint isn't good for you. :)
Okay - I just put it on the stove. I put it on there until it boiled a rolling boil.

No harm for the process - I wiped off some white portions - and it looks good as new. The website says it is an acrylic paint - but like others have said - if it is full of water - it can boil without getting too hot. I was able to grab it off with gloves and touch it at the top.

Mine's all stainless and is awesome. I got a stainless cap for it too...

I don't put mine over the fire, I put it next to it. The steel gets plenty hot!
Itll get ugly eventually, but its stainless so no worries on boiling unless your super fond of the color......