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Putting an edge on the false edge of a CS Bush Ranger

Oct 12, 1998
I have a factory second CS Bush Ranger I picked up really cheap in heavily-used, but good shape. The coating has come off most of the false edge and I was thinking of attempting to sharpen the false edge. This would improve it as a fightewr I believe, but as I hope never to use it as such, I am mostly doing this to just to do it.

I have no grinder other than a dremel. Any thoughts on how to do this without burning out the temper?

Thanks much!


Clay Fleischer

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Put your power tools away. What you need is what I call a sickle hone, or az hone. Believe it or not Lansky sells one, product code LS-32. It's like a metal rasp made out of really, coarse oven baked sharpening stone. The local hardware store sells these for around $5 ea. but any Bluegrass dealer should be able to fix you up. Email if you can't find.

Anyway, what that will do is the rough in work. Then just use the other hones you've got to get a more polished edge.

A hardened file will do also. After initially finding your bevel, just finish off with a finer grade stone or steel of your choice. If your project goes amuck, you can always look on the 4 sale forums for another one. I know there is one 4 sale.:)^)


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