Q about BM Pocket Torx Kit

Oct 12, 1998
I am wondering if you would know what sizes torx wrenches are included with the Benchmade pocket torx kit. Does it take care of ALL torx screws that can be found in my AFCK for example, as opposed to only the clip and pivot pin?

Moreover, I have just received a spare clip and screws from MicroTech to replace the one I damaged, and I am looking for a small torx set that allowes me to: screw in my new MT clip on my large Socom M/A(not elite), my benchmades ofcourse, and perhaps the screws on the Nimravus sheaths.

I've read somewhere that the size torx on the MT knives are T5 but I can't seem to find whether a T5 is included in the BM torx kit.
My BM Torx kit has:
1 Phillips head
1 T-15
1 T-10
1 T-8
1 T-7
1 T-6
It does fit all the torx screws on my AFCK.
Some of BMs had the old Allen screws that they quit using a couple of years ago. I called BM, and they sent me torx screws to replace them free of charge-got here in about a week. The T-15 fits the screws on my Nimravus and the sheath.
Hope that helps you.

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A note about the MT screws, most of them are actually spline not torx. They look very similar but the angles are a little different. You may be able to use a torx, but if you start to damage them stop, track down some spline keys. I learned this the hard way.
Thanks for the quick replies. Exactly what I wanted to know!

Johan, thanks for the warning. had read about that in the archives but, I just want to reattach a clip which screws I believe are torx.