Q: Sal Glesser \ C36

Oct 5, 1998
from when did the Military C36 feature the eccentric pivot pin. I live in South Africa and your distributor here has one plain edge in stock but I am not sure (and they apparently dont know) if this knife has the new feature. I would of course rather have the upgraded C36 than the older model.



Deon - We began using the eccentric "D" in early '98. One cannot tell from looking.
Our distributor in South Africa is Ramrod in Joburg. They will know. Marc & RonnieAnn Ager, great people, high integrity. I'm sure they have more than one. They were only made with CPM440V. (just for the record, my wife Gail and I love South Africa).
Hello Deon - I spoke at length one time about the C36's eccentric pivot with Peter Jhones, Sal's colleague, and he stated that the newer generation Military models (the ones with assembly screws on both sides of the handle) are the ones that have the eccentric pivot, along with the other refinements that are listed in the current ad for the C36's.

Dexter Ewing
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Thanks Sal and Dex,

I got my Military on Saturday and it is all (and MORE) that Dex said it was in his reviews.

I desided to buy the knife after the posts about the Mil that surfaced in the last two weeks or so (was always interested)on the forum.

This is an excellent knife especially for me who always liked the Endura (and has three). Fit and finish CAN NOT BE BETTER imho (and is way above that of my 3 year old AFCK).

The recessed liner is a work of art, functioning is excellent, I love the big blade and large opening hole, the handle is excellent etc etc.

Sal thanks for an excellent design.

How about a black clip as an accessory?

Sal I am glad you like South Africa - we have our problems but it still is a great country - would like to meet you when you come to SA again (and let me know when you visit again and would like to do some Kudu or Impala hunting a two and half hour drive from Joburg).

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Boy, and I thought I was "brown nosing"! Congrats Deon and welcome to the "Military Man" club.