Quality MT Auto

Jun 14, 1999
Hey guys,
I'm going to buy a new MT auto, and I want to know which you think is best for the money. The guys at TAD said the LCC D/A, but it's hard to pass up the coolness factor of the Halo 3 and the Exodus. The money isn't a problem, just the functionality. The knife will be used often for light to moderate cutting (general around the house type stuff). My one issue with the LCC is that the scale is a little hard to release, or at least on the two that I tried. And with the OTFs, it's that they could be a little flimsy. Other than that, I found the UDT and the Socom's to have light handles, just felt weird. Looking forward to your opinions,


PS: Any other suggestions outside of MT and around $300 (or under) would be appreciated.

PPS: The L-UDT has too light a handle for me. Just not firm and heavy enough for me. IT's almost poorly balanced (like the socom elite).