Quality of A.G. Russell Knives???

Feb 5, 1999
Not sure if this has been asked before as I am unable to do a search.
Does anyone have any experience with an A.G. Russell knives and if so what is your opinion Good or Bad?
My brother is seriously considering two of his blades and wants some input before investing.
Any and all comments will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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A.G. Russell not only produces a quality product but backs it up with a guarantee of satisfaction second to none.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

I'll second PJ's opinion of AG Russell -- great quality & a great company to do business with.



My vote is positive, like those above. Exceptional products and exceptional customer service.

Quite frankly, I`d be very suprised if there was any negative feedback on A.G. Russell. They`ve been around a long time and keep their standards quite high. They dropped the Case line when their quality was on the decline and only recently brought back the pearl handled Cases. I think that speaks volumes about their quality standards.

I think you`ll only hear good things about Russell here.
Another vote of confidence for A.G., his knives and his business practices are top notch.

I especially like his "write your own guarantee" policy. As a for-example, I wa discussing with him one of his fixed-blades, that has a VERY thin blade (under .10"). A.G. told me the blade was durable enough to do whatever I wanted with it, although it obviously wasn't designed for prying. Then he said something like "But if *you* think the knife should be a good prybar, and it fails, return it. You decide what the knife should be able to do."

Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate all comments.

The only limitation is lack of imagination.

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

Quite a few of the knives that bear the A.G. Russell name are made by custom makers (i.e. Bill Davis, etc.) exclusively for them. While their prices are'nt the lowest, they do have a solid customer service record.
I haven't purchased any folders from them, but recently got some of their kitchen knives and must say that I'm very satisfied.

I returned one since it was too small for my liking, and got a prompt refund.

Overall, two thumbs up!!
When you say "A.G. Russell" do you mean knives that the Russell company has made or the knives they sell at retail? Do they both manufacture their own and sell others?