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Quantity or Familiarity

From reading lots of forums, I get the impression that there seem to be two kinds of knife carriers. The first type carries bunches of knives in all different locations on his/her body for all sorts of possible scenarios. The second type carries one knife that they use and deploy so much that it is basically a body part.

My question is what do you folks think: Is it better to carry bunches of knives, or to carry one and be extremely well trained with its use and quick deployment?

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It's most likely better to carry one knife that you know how to use. You only have two hands anyway.

On the other hand, I carry multiple knives not for self defense or anything, but because I like them, and appreciate the work that goes into them.


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Because I have a concealed carry permit, I carry a second knife on my weak side for the purpose of weapons retention. The idea being, my strong hand will be busy trying to keep the gun in the holster while the knife in the weak hand is working to convince the BG to let GO!
There's a lot of merit to the idea of only carrying one knife though, kind of like the old saying,
"Beware the man who only owns one gun. He most likely knows how to use it."

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I usually carry three knives on me. A Spydercard in my wallet that is there in case I need it, and because I like it. I've yet to use it.
A V-nox Pocket Pal at te bottom of my right front pocket. Nobody gets too excited or nervous when you pull this one out.
And last but not least, a Spyderco Native clipped or tucked wherever is most practical at the time. This is my ONE knife, the one that gets used. Sometimes I'll carry a different model for a change of pace.

I don't think the number you carry matters much as long as you are familiar with them and carry the same type of knife in the same location each time. If you always carry your knife on your weak hand side and ocassionaly have it on your strong hand side When you get in a high stress situation your brain is going to send your hand to where ther knife usually is. It's similar to carrying a handgun if you carry a glock for a couple of years and then switch to a 1911 for a while you will have a period of adjustment where you will have to remember to disengage the saftey when you draw the gun. It will eventually become automatic but it takes time.

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I may be the odd man out around here in that none of the knives I carry would be worth anything in a self defense situation. I carry a bunch of multiblade slipjoint folders with me because my primary purpose for them is whittling and it helps to have a bunch of different size and shaped blades to work with. To fish one out, open it and use it for defense, well let's say in a situation where I would need a knife to fight with, it would be over before I could get one out of my pocket, and it wouldn't be a good one to fight with anyway. I guess it depends on what you are carrying for.