Queen Cutlery Company Closes

May 9, 2010
Ken Daniels has announced that Queen will be closing the factory doors on 1/10/2018 and doing some reorganization due to cash flow. So any speculations? Perhaps the return of Canal Street?
According to a post on the company's FB page, Kenneth Daniels says that as of today the company is closed and has to reorganize due to cash flow problems.
I'm confused about the Canal Street reference? Wasn't that an entirely different company?
Gotta admit, this is kind of sad news to me, I did occasionally pick up a S&M offering here and there through the years...
Sad to hear this news. Hope the reorganization brings better things to the company.
Very unfortunate to hear this. I hope that they can come out on top. Terrible to see US cutlery companies experiencing troubles.
Not good. Never like to hear things like this.
I will admit though , I find myself spending my money at GEC when it comes to a traditional folder , so if that is the trend with most folks then it does seem to make sense.
Ive got a trapper with them in for repair. I hope I get her back.
Regardless, sad news.
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Wow, that's really unfortunate to hear. I've only owned a couple of Queen knives, a sodbuster and a gunstock, but I quite liked both. They were well made, fit and finish was on point for the price, and the gunstock had some really beautiful zebra wood (they seemed to do a great job with their handle materials in general). I'd have certainly bought more of them if not for the terrible edges and the hard tool steel, a rather inconvenient combination (especially at their prices).
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I don't mean to beat someone when their down, but, objectively it was only a matter of time. They were plagued by a poor brand image and couldn't shake it. I'm sure that if you pull up any Queen discussion thread you'll find statements along the lines of "if you order a Queen, you better have it inspected before receiving it." Over the years I've seen their largest customers (dealers) running away steadily, especially when warranties are returned without even being addressed, you have consistent poor quality control, even poorer communication, high pricing, and a seeming unwillingness to innovate the brand...

...I'm not surprised.
As much as I love GEC - and business wise this can only be good news for GEC.

As others have said- I am gutted to hear this- I hope that they can place a strategy together, place new processes in and survive this, too much history in that name to let it go by.
I am in New Zealand- yet I mourn the loss of such greats like Camillus and Schrade.
Great opportunity for Great Eastern Cutlery, maybe they can pick up some new employees and increase production without sacrificing quality.