Quench oil UK or eu

Aug 23, 2018
Hey guys
I'm waiting on a company from UK to get back to me about a park' 50 equivalent oil but they seem slow to respond
Anyone got any other sources of fast quench oil in UK or eu
Thank you
Thanks Stacy
Last time I was on that site was years ago and I thought it closed down then or had tech problems and haven' been back on since
Thanks chumaman
I found those myself too and it sounds good
I'm waiting on them to get back to me
Have you used it?
Someone said on another thread it wasn' as fast as parks
No I did not, my choices are quite different steels ;)
but I have a friend blacksmith who uses it and is quite satisfied :thumbsup:
That oil(DURIXOL W 25) from German web site used and recommended by R. Landes
Czechs are just very good company from Brno .... believe they have excellent products on offer.....I do not have any bigger insights into them
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