Question about Boker knife

Nov 26, 2009
I am considering buying an older Boker USA knife but I can't find any info on it. It is a two blade with mother of pearl handles. It is 2 3/4" closed. The tang has Boker USA on one side and 2157 on the other of the main blade. It has no tree brand logo isert. It appears to be rather old. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a web site that you can research older Boker knives? Any info would be appreciated.
Welcome Forrest17! I'm in the same boat as you as I have an older Boker USA Mdl# 8586. I've looked at every lead possible trying to pin down a time frame of manufacture. Needed a handle repair and Boker USA warranty dept. said the knife was to old and handle parts are not available. So I repaired the handle myself, cleaned the knife up, sharpened it and have been carrying it since. Is a very good knife. :thumbup:Dale