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Question about Gryphon knives

Jan 1, 2007
I just bought a Gryphon Terzuola knife, just wanted to know if anyone could tell me any goods or bads about it. Its made of ATS-34 anyone got any info?
The two smaller are copies of Terzoula's Battle Guard line, Good knives, I've never heard a bad word about them, Jim Keating of Spyderco Chinook and Comtect fame loves them.

Cutlery Shoppe was the main retailer for these for many years, but a few others stock them ow aswell.

If it is the M- 10 model, then you have an early run where the use of ATS34 so indicates. The current ones use AUS8. Both good steels for general purpose use from the Seki plant in Japan. Although they were designed for much more serious business. Checkered FRN injection molded handles over a full tang blade makes for a sure grip, hygienic, and amply concealable PP strait knife. And resonably priced IMO. I have a few of these... ;)

The Gryphons are great no nonsense, hard use knives that have stood the test of time. The M-10 (4" blade) is the knife featured in James A. Keating's Drawpoint video/DVD and is good for general utility, as well as self defense. The M-30 (6" blade) is essentially a battle blade, good for playing in "sandboxes".
Bad Ass Knives.

I have the, M-10, the M30A1 and the M-35 sold through the Cutlery Shoppe with the optional custom kydex sheaths purchased in 1992. GREAT knives! The kydex sheaths done in house by Sheath-Tech are no doubt the best I've had/seen in fit and finish and work as good today as the day I got them. The blade steels of the M-10, the larger M30A1, and the largest, M35 are indeed ATS-34. The M30A1 was highly touted by both Mr. Greg Walker of the no longer published magazine Fighting Knives and Mr. Steven Dick. My understanding at the time was the the M35 was to be direct competition to the Cold Steel Trail Master.The big selling point of the M35 for me was the Randall 14 inspired design, the jimping on the spine, but more so was the "window breaker" pommel. A for real "do-all" camp knife.
Here's a couple of pics of the M-10 and M-30 with the sheaths I make for them. I get them naked from Cutlery Shoppe and sell them with mky sheaths at Gun/Knife shows.